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The Pasco Horseman's Association  needs your help! 

This Not for profit club has provided generations, of not only Pasco residents but also those living in surrounding counties, a place to grow and learn as horse men and women of all ages and backgrounds.  Our club hosts multiple benefits throughout the year supporting various causes for those in need and rarely have we reached out for financial support from the public for ourselves.  However, Monday afternoon a fire started in a storage building and quickly spread to the clubs main office.  The fire completely destroyed a wealth of equipment that was vital to the club's current and upcoming functions.  Pasco Horseman's has been a long standing and fully member funded and openly inclusive club for over 40 years and despite the major set back this fire has caused, the community involved maintains a strong and hopeful outlook for the future.  In order to get back, PHA needs a helping hand and wholeheartedly appreciates and welcomes any and all donations.  There is no donation too big or too small and every bit will help rebuild and replace what was lost.

Thank you.